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Mar 7, 2013

 On this episode our fearless hosts talk to there very first female guest, Ms Remy Dee. She is a burlesque dancer for the Reverend Spooky Lestrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls and is also in the band The Consortium of Genius. We talked to her about boobs, Goombas and how her bands life goal is to take over the world. After we say our goodbyes to Ms. Remy we plug the upcoming M.H.O.G. Podcast event at the Twist of Lime on May 4th. We also talk about the Titanic 2, the Oscars, the Onions bad taste tweet, more news on the Ps4 and a little story of a wedding Adam went to. We are also sure there is a ton of insulting things for you to frown on. So enjoy !!

Music by: Skeletal Damage

Podcast produced and mixed by: Nutso187

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