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Jan 30, 2014

 On this episode Wayne and Adam have to run with the show cause the RUM Guy is stuck at work due to SNOWMAGEDDON!!!!!!! We chat about the Grammys, how hot Aisha Tyler is , Adma makes a sexy voice and we touch on the news about Gears Of War !!So please enjoy the show and spread us to your friends!!

Music by: Patrick...

Jan 23, 2014

 This will be a short description of this episode. This episode is just us talking about our recent trip to Savannah Georgia for Wayne's birthday and to visit the Rum guy and friends !! It was a great weekend of boozing, singing and just a lot of silliness. So please enjoy the none sense !!

Music by: Patrick Plata

Jan 16, 2014

  On this episode Wayne tells us a story from work, Rum goes bananas and Adam pays his bills on the show. We also talk about being accountable for what we say on here and that we will never be allowed to run for a government job. We also talk a ton of old movies and what were our faves from back in the day! So...

Jan 9, 2014

  On this episode we talk about Buckwheat going to Islam, racism, a little holiday fun and about our friend Mart once again. We talk about Mart's house and his new car, we even give him a new nickname that maybe his wife might like to use. We break down our exciting New Years adventures and give out our New...

Jan 1, 2014

  This is straight out of the archives for all of you fans out there! Because of the holiday schedule we are re-releasing our a episode fom the vault! This episode is #3 Sand Diego, Beeotch!! On this episode we talk about San Diego comic con and a ton more interesting and insane things. So please enjoy this oldie...