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Jul 25, 2013

  On this episode we are joined by the one the only Mr. Jak Locke form the Jak Locke Rock Show. We discuss Jak's upcoming shows and tour. We also discuss a great premise for a new Three Musketeers movie in which Jak has drawn a wonderful rendition of the idea ( which is the photo you see when you download this episode )...

Jul 18, 2013

  The 3 amigos are back.. Finally all 3 of our heroes are back together on the show!! They open up with Rums stabbing event, How Adam will almost do anything to be with Emma Watson, They discuss James Hetfields daily life, Adam sings the O.C. theme , Wayne whistles the old spice song and Rum well hes Rum .. So enjoy 

Jul 11, 2013

  On this episode Wayne and Buck wonder why that Wayne and the Rum Guy cant be on the same show at the same time. The two hosts explain why the Rum Guy is not on this week. The guys also talk to writer Mr. Kurt Amacker.  Kurt talks bout all his works, including his upcoming Cradle of Filth comic and his upcoming event

Jul 4, 2013

 On this episode Rum and Buck take over in Wayne's absence. All sorts of mayhem and fun ensues. So enjoy this episode and please come back !!!

Podcast produced and mixed by: Prez. Buck Lightning and Nutso187

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